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"The Love… This Love, never ends"

The tragic and unexpected death of my beloved dance teacher and friend, JeniViva, has made a significant impact on my soul.

Though I did not know her as well as many, the sporadic intimate moments we’ve shared over the last three years have been replaying themselves in my mind. Jeni was intense. Her spirit radiated - literally - to each and every person she ever came in contact with. The crowd of mourners lined up at her wake last night can attest to this.

She is and always will be, a modern Goddess. 

As a dancer, she inspired me… her very soul shining from each performance. 

As a teacher, she encouraged me… encouraged my own visions and emotions.

As a friend, she made me feel as if no one else existed at that moment we were together. She always had a hug, a bounce, a smile no matter how many months had passed since we last saw one another.

Since learning of her death last Saturday, my mind has been reeling; pouring over our conversations, her poetry, her words. Her soul was light and she brought light where ever she went. I truly believe that one of her purposes here on this Earth was to spark love, light and inspiration to as many people as possible. Even in death this inspiration continues, as many are gathering, sharing and creating in her memory.

She wrote this on her Facebook wall, mere hours before she passed. A prayer that I’m sure imprinted on the soul of all who knew her.

"My prayer (for those left behind)
Healing. Light like molten lava
emerging filling in
every crack of your despair
and you shall be healed
… and the wound will no longer ache
and the heart will somehow learn to be whole again.
The Love…This Love
never ends.

P.S. Tell Everyone you know that you love them and live life with all you got every single effing day.”

Rest in Peace, Mon Cheri.

Jeni performing at BellyCon, my troupe’s annual hafla, back in 2010: